Visual Office Map and Directory

Looksee is a simple and easy to use employee directory and office map. It’s easy to set up and incredibly productive for teams of all sizes.

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See your people in a whole new way

Need to chat to someone? Quickly find where they sit, which team they're on and how they fit in with our interactive floor plans.

Seamlessly integrates with your calendar

Never wonder whether someone is out sick or in a meeting again. With all the vital details shown right from the map, you can quickly check whether someone is at their desk or out for the day.

Easily Import Your Data

When adopting Looksee, you don't need to manage another dataset. Simply import a CSV with your existing data and you are good to go.

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If you can send an email or use a calendar, you can use Looksee.
Starting on Looksee is really that simple.

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